Sunday, May 28, 2023

University of Bath

Breakthrough leads to photonic sensing at the ultimate quantum limit

This breakthrough leads to practical applications like monitoring greenhouse gases and cancer detection.

Unwound DNA tangles could create mutational hotspots bacteria genomes

The study could help scientists predict the evolution of bacteria and viruses over time.

Climate change and human pressure losing advantages for migration

Migration may be no longer worth it.

A new way to make single-crystal flake devices

The superconductor shows promise as a component for flexible electronics.

A simple but revolutionary approach to early Alzheimer’s diagnosis

Pioneering EEG tests could dramatically increase the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

The nanophotonics orchestra presents: Twisting to the light of nanoparticles

A new physical effect in chiral (twisted) nanoparticles.

Intermittent fasting might be less effective in weight loss

It is no magic bullet for weight loss.

New method to pinpoint rare extragalactic objects

Rare extragalactic objects are now easier to spot.

New way to coax microscopic particles and droplets into precise patterns

Using sound to shape the future of printing.

Photon-photon polaritons: Binding two photons of different colours together

Scientists exploring the interactions between light particles, photons, and matter find that optical microresonators host quasiparticles made by two photons.

How the zebrafish got its stripes?

Predicting the pattern development of both wild type and mutant fish.

Study: Children could manifest depression and anxiety long after current lockdown

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is having a profound effect on all aspects of society, including mental health and physical health. A new study...

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