University of Basel

Scientists produced twin photons with different quantum dots

Twin photons from unequal sources.

Scientists discovered a new muscle layer on the jaw

Scientists discovered a previously overlooked section of our jaw muscles.

Immune cell activation: Scientists deciphered the details of it

How do immune cells get activated?

The new single-photon source can produce billions of these quantum particles per second

A record-breaking source for single photons.

Romantic partners influence each other’s goals

Investigating the interdependence of approach and avoidance goals within romantic relationships.

Measuring extremely faint magnetic fields with a minuscule instrument

A new SQUID for nanostructures.

How does a single electron looks in an artificial atom?

The spin of an electron is a promising candidate for use as the smallest information unit (qubit) of a quantum computer. Controlling and switching...

Deep sea fish can see color in darkness

As many as 10 million species may inhabit the deep sea – biodiversity comparable to the world’s richest tropical rainforests. These species are typically...

Unprecedented insight into two-dimensional magnets

The discovery of ferromagnetism in 2D van der Waals (vdW) crystals has generated widespread interest. Making further progress requires quantitative knowledge of the magnetic...

New technique to obtain individual fingerprint of the conducting edge states

Scientists at the University of Basel has recently developed a method that can precisely obtain an individual fingerprint of the current-carrying edge states occurring...

Water is not the same as water

Water exists in 2 different forms with similar physical properties. Now for the first time, scientists at the University of Basel succeed in separating...

Scientists succeed in cultivating cartilage from stem cells

By instigating particular sub-atomic procedures happening amid embryonic ligament arrangement, researchers found that it is conceivable to ligament can be created from grown-up undifferentiated...

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