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Measured tunneling current and its dependence on the two applied magnetic fields: The fans of red/yellow curves each correspond to a fingerprint of the conducting edge states. Each individual curve separately shows one of the edge states. Credit: University of Basel, Department of Physics

New technique to obtain individual fingerprint of the conducting edge states

Scientists at the University of Basel has recently developed a method that can precisely obtain an individual fingerprint of the current-carrying edge states occurring...
Pre-sorted ortho-water and para-water molecules with differently oriented nuclear spins (blue or red arrows) react with diazenylium ions (center left) at different speeds. (Illustration: University of Basel, Department of Chemistry)

Water is not the same as water

Water exists in 2 different forms with similar physical properties. Now for the first time, scientists at the University of Basel succeed in separating...
Development of cartilage tissue from mesenchymal stem/stromal cells after eight weeks in vivo: Inhibition of the signaling pathway of the protein BMP leads to the maintenance of stable cartilage tissue, indicated by red staining (left). In contrast, the control group shows a development towards bone tissue (right). (Image: University of Basel, Department of Biomedicine)

Scientists succeed in cultivating cartilage from stem cells

By instigating particular sub-atomic procedures happening amid embryonic ligament arrangement, researchers found that it is conceivable to ligament can be created from grown-up undifferentiated...
T-cells: a new method developed by Basel researchers simplifies the genetic modification of T-cells in mice. They are now aiming to transfer the technique to human T-cells.

Effective genetic modification of immune cells

Another technique empowers qualities in living T-cells in mice to be adjusted rapidly and effectively. It makes use of plasmids, an attempted and tried...
Artificial organelles in the scavenger cells of a zebrafish that were made visible by a fluorescent reaction. The fluorescence only occurs when the enclosed peroxidase enzyme is activated and reacts hydrogen peroxide produced by the scavenger cells. The researchers have thus provided evidence that the artificial organelles function in vivo. (Image: University of Basel, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Tiny implants for cells are functional in vivo, study

Scientists at the University of Basel, for the first time, have successfully integrated artificial organelles into the cells of live zebrafish embryos. The approach offers new potential...
Inheritance of the familial erythrocytosis. (Image: University of Basel, Department of Biomedicine)

Inherited mutation leads to overproduction of EPO, study

Researchers from the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel and University Hospital Basel investigated that a newly discovered hereditary mutation is responsible...
From Witterswil to Mars: Professor Nikolaus Kuhn tests the operation of a specially developed camera with a model of the ExoMars Rover. (Image: University of Basel, Florian Moritz)

Researchers are testing camera for Mars rover

The European Space Agency (ESA) is sending a rover into space in 2020 to examine the surface of Mars for signs of life. This...
The circadian rhythm of roughly 24 hours affects the energy metabolism of mitochondria. (Illustration: University of Basel)

Circadian clock sets the rhythm for our cells’ powerhouses, study

Cell energy metabolism additionally takes the beat of the circadian clock. A University of Basel study has now demonstrated precisely how this functions by...
Illustration of the mTORC2 architecture: The mTOR protein is highlighted in red. mTORC2 specific accessory proteins are colored cyan

Scientists elucidated the architecture of cellular control center mTORC2

The protein complex mTORC2 controls cell lipid and sugar digestion. Specialists from the Biozentrum of the University of Basel and the ETH Zurich have...