Sunday, July 3, 2022

University of Arizona

One-third of plant and animal species may face extinction by 2070

As many as one in three species could face extinction unless warming is reduced.

Pro-inflammatory protein, IL-36y plays a vital role in bacterial vaginosis

Women with bacterial vaginosis exhibit elevated levels of the pro-inflammatory protein, IL-36y.

What’s the right amount of failure?

If you're always scoring 100%, you're probably not learning anything new. Researchers found that the "sweet spot" for learning is 85%.

Unknown treasure trove of planets found hiding in dust

A new study has found that Super-Earths and Neptune-sized planets could be forming around young stars. Observing a sampling of youthful planets in a star-forming...

Graphene based nanocarbon films can be used in optical computing

Scientists at the University of Eastern Finland in collaboration with the University of Arizona have demonstrated a new technique that involves reuse of optics...

Does rain follow the plow?

What makes it rain? In our childhood, we used to think that there might be a factory that creates clouds to rain. Another popular myth...

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