Universe expansion

A new possible explanation for the Hubble tension

A solution to one of the great mysteries of cosmology.

The rate at which large cosmic structures grow is slower than predicted

It’s like a fabric loom where one-, two- and three-dimensional collapses look like a sheet.

Webb verifies Hubble’s measurement of the universe’s expansion rate as accurate

The role of JWST in uncovering the Hubble Tension.

An immense bubble of galaxies discovered

It is so huge that it spills to the edges of the sector of the sky that we were analyzing.

Black hole ripples may be able to measure the universe’s expansion

A new way to pin down the distance to these exotic objects.

The early universe was running in extremely slow motion

Result confirms time-dilation expectations of Einstein's general relativity.

1st observational evidence linking black holes to dark energy

The first evidence of “cosmological coupling.

Scientists realized an effective curved spacetime in the lab

Scientists simulated an entire family of universes with curvature in ultracold quantum gases.

Astronomers measured the cosmic age of a most distant galaxy

This discovery confirms the existence of galaxies in the very early Universe found by the JWST.

Previously unnoticed mathematical property of cosmological models discovered

Ghostly ‘mirror world’ might be the cause of cosmic controversy.

A new map of dark matter reveals undiscovered bridges between galaxies

Mapping the local cosmic web.

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