Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Universe expansion

1st observational evidence linking black holes to dark energy

The first evidence of “cosmological coupling.

Scientists realized an effective curved spacetime in the lab

Scientists simulated an entire family of universes with curvature in ultracold quantum gases.

Astronomers measured the cosmic age of a most distant galaxy

This discovery confirms the existence of galaxies in the very early Universe found by the JWST.

Previously unnoticed mathematical property of cosmological models discovered

Ghostly ‘mirror world’ might be the cause of cosmic controversy.

A new map of dark matter reveals undiscovered bridges between galaxies

Mapping the local cosmic web.

Astronomers agreed that the universe is nearly 14 billion years old

A new view of nature’s oldest light adds a twist to debate over the universe’s age.

New estimates of neutron star size and Hubble constant

Multi-messenger astronomy.

Light warping properties of galaxies can predict universe expansion

Gravitational Lenses measure Universe Expansion.

Study estimates the age of the universe at 12.6 billion years

UO physicist tweaks the age of the universe with new approach

Universe is about 13.8 billion years old, study confirms

New research of oldest light confirms age of the universe.

New measurements allowed astronomers to refine their calculation of the Hubble Constant

A new set of measurements significantly suggests that theorists need to revise the “standard model” that describes the fundamental nature of the Universe.  The new...

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