Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Watching DNA structural changes in real-time!

A novel CRISPR-based genome labeling scheme for reliable visualization of genomic elements in living cells.

New spinning microfluidic device inspired by a spinning toy

A spinning toy meets hydrodynamics and sets point-of-care diagnostics in motion.

A novel battery system that can be charged via indoor lighting

The high-efficiency battery system, chargeable with indoor lighting.

Scientists significantly enhanced the charge carrier mobility in organic semiconductors

Fused Aromatic Network with Exceptionally High Carrier Mobility.

Study unveiled the secret in catalysts that increase fuel cell efficiency

Uncovering the ex-solution and phase transition phenomena at the atomic level for the first time.

New system to produce hydrogen and electricity quickly and effectively

Indirect surpassing CO2 utilization in membrane-free CO2 battery.

Scientists unveiled the mechanism that gives rise to all blood cell types

Blood stem cell-generating mechanism revealed.

New technology to monitor near real-time drought conditions

Satellite-based near real-time drought monitoring technology.

Scientists probe the cage formation of the glass at surgical precision

It is a highly non-trivial process involving complex non-linear responses.

A novel CRISPR-based genome labeling scheme

Reliably visualizing genomic elements in living cells.

Bringing solar hydrogen production closer to reality

A Step Closer to Practical Solar Hydrogen Production via Elaborately Modified Hematite Photoanode.

A whole new way to produce pharmaceutical ingredients cheaper and safer

A new eco-friendly and low-cost synthetic method for chemical compounds.

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