An innovative hydrocarbon manufacturing route

It uses natural wood-derived charcoal to produce methane (CH4).

High capacity anodes for next-generation lithium-ion batteries

The newly-synthesized anode materials not only have a smaller particle size but also extends cycle life.

Scientists set a new efficiency record for a perovskite solar cell

The new record is the world’s highest power conversion efficiency (PCE) reported so far.

An innovative, low-cost seawater desalination device unveiled

The new technology can help provide clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

UNIST scientists created artificial organelles

The technology can be used to construct artificial organelles that can supply ATP.

Highly efficient ternary alloy catalyst for hydrogen production

The exsolved catalyst shows exceptional stability, with continuous DRM operation for about 350 hours.

High-resolution neutron imaging reveals kinetics of water vapor uptake

Revealing how the distribution of a component of interest changes in nonequilibrium phenomena.

Scientists created the most perfect graphene yet

New discovery allows for scalable production of fold-free and ad-layer-free single-crystal graphene.

Controlling the brightness and wavelength of quantum dots

Tip-induced strain engineering of single metal halide perovskite quantum dot.

New technology for plasma separation using magnets

The new technology will greatly improve the accuracy of point-of-care blood tests.

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