Scientists unveiled the mechanism that gives rise to all blood cell types

Blood stem cell-generating mechanism revealed.

New technology to monitor near real-time drought conditions

Satellite-based near real-time drought monitoring technology.

Scientists probe the cage formation of the glass at surgical precision

It is a highly non-trivial process involving complex non-linear responses.

A novel CRISPR-based genome labeling scheme

Reliably visualizing genomic elements in living cells.

Bringing solar hydrogen production closer to reality

A Step Closer to Practical Solar Hydrogen Production via Elaborately Modified Hematite Photoanode.

A whole new way to produce pharmaceutical ingredients cheaper and safer

A new eco-friendly and low-cost synthetic method for chemical compounds.

New efficient catalysts for efficient water splitting

An efficient and stable HER electrocatalyst at universal pH.

The highest-level storage technology that has been developed so far

A new physical phenomenon that could increase chip storage capacity up to 1,000 times.

World’s first high-efficiency thermoelectric material discovered

Intrinsically self-healable, stretchable thermoelectric materials.

A new rechargeable battery that can be charged wirelessly using light from indoor sources

Indoor-light-energy-harvesting Dye-sensitized photo-Rechargeable battery.