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This Hubble Space Telescope image of the giant, petulant star Eta Carinae is yielding new surprises./ Image: NASA

Hubble snapped a stunning image of cosmic fireworks at Eta Carinae

The Hubble Space Telescope recently captured a spectacular image of the galaxy’s largest ongoing stellar “fireworks” which reveals new details of a cosmic explosion....
The optical equipment that was used to make the first discovery that ITI in fact works. CREDIT Wybren Jan Buma, University of Amsterdam

A fast all-visible-light molecular switch with 100 nm band separation

Light is an exceptional external stimulus for establishing precise control over the properties and functions of chemical and biological systems, which is enabled through...
Light-Driven Reaction Converts Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel

Light-Driven Reaction Converts Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel

A previous research showed that carbon dioxide from the air can transform into methanol. Methanol is used as cleanest burning fuel and help to...