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Tool precisely predicts how electromagnetic waves and magnetic materials interact

UCLA Samueli engineers have built up another tool to display how magnetic materials, which are utilized in cell phones and different specialized devices, communicate...
UCLA neuroscientists, led by Dr. Daniel Lu, stimulated the lower spinal cord through the skin with a magnetic device placed at the lumbar spine.

Restoring significant bladder control to 5 men with spinal cord injuries

In an investigation of five men whose injuries happened five to 13 years back, UCLA neuroscientists empowered the lower spinal cord through the skin...
In an artist’s conception, a magnet pulls small magnetic particles inside a gel to control a neural cell’s flow of certain ions.

Magnetic gel can be use to ease pain

Much of mainstream modern prescription focuses on utilizing pharmaceuticals to roll out substance or atomic improvements inside the body to treat an infection. Be that...
Drugs for heart failure are still under-prescribed

Drugs for heart failure are still under-prescribed

An estimate in 2016 suggested that almost 5.7 million people in the United States have heart failure. Heart failure is related to a lower personal satisfaction...