Physicists created turbulence in a tank

Tempest in a teacup!

New dynamical framework for Turbulence

Compelling evidence that coherent structures can be harnessed to predict how turbulent flows evolve.

Superfluids offer new insights into turbulence

Superfluid merge to form large vortices, analogous to how cyclones form in the turbulent atmosphere.

Long lasted turbulence question solved

To solve long-lasting question in turbulence, researchers at Imperial College of London used supercomputers, running simulations on graphic processors.

Probing the world of plasmas

Plasma is a kind of the fourth phase of matter, like a gas yet with the particles stripped separated into a sort of soup...

Scientists Sheds Light on Turbulence in Astrophysical Plasmas

Almost 99 percent of the visible matter in the universe is actually originated from plasma. A large portion of these plasmas, including the sun-powered breeze...

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