Fiber-optic cables as earthquake sensors

Early warning systems at low cost.

After 373 years, the mystery behind the volcanic tsunami resolved

GEOMAR scientists reconstructed historic volcanic eruption using 3D seismics.

Artificial Intelligence can be used to create a tsunami early warning system

Early warnings for tsunamis are difficult due to underwater earthquakes.

Dinosaurs killing impact triggered a “mega-earthquake” that lasted weeks to months

The amount of energy released in this "mega-earthquake" is estimated at 1023 joules

Tsunami size varies with depth of Earthquake

Earthquake depth impacts potential tsunami threat.

Black holes may generate tsunami-like structures on much bigger scales

These waves can steepen into spiraling vortex structures that can reach a height of 10 light-years above the disk.

Understanding the correlation between the size of an iceberg and the amplitude of the tsunami

The new model simulates the tsunamis caused by iceberg calving.

How water in the deep Earth triggers earthquakes and tsunamis?

Oceanic lithosphere carries volatiles, notably water, into the mantle through subduction at convergent plate boundaries. This subducted water exercises control on the production of...

Lomonosov crater could be more evidence of mega-tsunami on Mars

The arguments for a tsunami and now a possible source provide new evidence for a longer-lasting ocean on Mars—a topic that is still very much under debate by Mars scientists.

Novel Mechanism To Stop Tsunamis In Their Tracks Proposed

Tsunamis are the large ocean waves that cause by the sudden rise in heat of earth surface. Mostly, it causes due to earthquake generated...

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