Men and women experience change while traveling in similar ways

The study revealed men and women experience change while traveling in similar ways.

Food waste in tourism is a bigger issue than previously thought

Providing a perspective on food waste by tourists and tourist households.

International tourists value sustainability and respecting the environment

A new study shedding light on tourist's sustainability practices, suggests that international tourists mainly values sustainability and protecting the environment. The research tells more...

Scientists to reveal impact of Airbnb accommodation on Canterbury tourism

The University of Canterbury (UC) and Christchurch NZ are cooperating on the project, which will investigate the financial, social and natural effect of Airbnb...

Identifying sense of place that corresponds destination uniqueness

Destination image can be described as a tourist’s general impression of a destination including ‘sum of beliefs, ideas, and impressions’ that a visitor has toward a...

Are we doing enough for visual research in tourism?

Visual research in tourism involves the use of a range of visual methods in tourism studies. It ranges from the collection of secondary visual materials...

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