Predictive touch: A no-touch touchscreen technology

AI-based ‘no-touch touchscreen’ could reduce risk of pathogen spread from surfaces.

Ultra-thin and ultra-flexible touchscreens

Nano-thin flexible touchscreens could be printed like a newspaper.

Holoflex: world’s first holographic flexible smartphone

Scientists recently have developed the Holoflex: the world's first holographic flexible smartphones’. Without any kind of helmets, it allows the user to interface with...

Skin Track – Technology that turns your skin into touchscreen

Nowadays, it’s really tuff for users to determine touchscreen smartwatches due to their small size. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania invented a...

Nanowall 3D Technology to improve Touchscreen Experience

To create a new kind of crystal-clear electrode to upgrade the quality of display and touchscreen experience, sresearchers have used 3D print technology. Nanowall...

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