Tokyo Institute of Technology

Surface water on mars was mineral-rich and salty

On Mars' surface, that liquid water did in fact flow on Mars billions of years ago.

The acidification of the Pacific Ocean in northern Japan is increasing

Nitrous oxide emissions set to rise in the Pacific Ocean.

DNA is only one among millions of possible genetic molecules

Scientists computed a zoo of millions of alternate genetic polymer molecular structures, giving context for why biology encodes information how it does, and providing potential leads for new drugs and a guide to searches for extraterrestrial biology.

Discovery of periodic tables for molecules

A new approach to build a periodic table for molecules with multiple types of symmetries.

Photonics: The curious case of the disappearing cylinders

In recent years, invisibility has become an area of increasing research interest due to advances in materials engineering. Thus, making objects invisible is no...

New molecular wires for single-molecule electronic devices

Single molecule electronic devices are those in which individual molecules are utilized as active electronic components constitute a promising approach for the ultimate miniaturization...

Expansion of Li-ion battery limits: Electrodes for all solid-state batteries

All-solid-state batteries are a new kind of Li-ion battery and have been appeared to be possibly more secure and more steady energy-storing gadgets with...

A colossal breakthrough for topological spintronics

As of not long ago, the search for appropriate spin Hall materials for cutting-edge SOT-MRAM devices has been looked with difficulty: First, overwhelming metals,...

Nano Saturn: Demonstrating the formation of nanosized molecular complexes resembling Saturn

Saturn, the second biggest planet in our solar system, has characteristic rings that are held in orbit by gravitational forces. These days,...