Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Modeling landscape formation on Titan revealed Earth-like alien world

Seasonal, active sediment transport shapes the modern landscapes of Titan.

Astronomers published final maps of Titan’s liquid methane rivers and tributaries

Titan’s river maps may advise Dragonfly’s sedimental journey.

Saturn’s tilt- caused by its moons- will increase over the next billion years

The influence of Saturn's satellites can explain the tilt of the rotation axis of the gas giant.

Titan’s largest sea is 1,000 feet deep near its center

It is also immense, nearly the size of all five Great Lakes combined.

A weird molecule discovered in Saturn’s moon Titan’s atmosphere

The molecule may be a precursor to more complex compounds that could form or feed possible life on Titan.

Bright patches on Titan are nothing but dry lake beds

Saturn's moon Titan has a methane cycle with clouds, rain, rivers, lakes, and seas; it is the only world known to presently have a...

Titan’s orbit around Saturn is expanding

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn and the second-largest natural satellite in the Solar System. The atmosphere of Titan is largely nitrogen; minor components...

A new contribution to the ongoing search into the possibility of life on Titan

Scientists from the Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, used quantum mechanical calculations and have shown that azotosomes, could not form under the conditions there. Saturn’s...

A global geologic map of Saturn’s moon Titan

The first map showing the global geology of Saturn's largest moon, Titan, has been completed and fully reveals a dynamic world of dunes, lakes, plains, craters and other terrains.

NASA’s next mission will search for signs of life on Saturn’s moon

NASA has announced its next destination in the solar system- Saturn's largest moon Titan. In the search for signs of life, NASA will send...

NASA’s Cassini reveals surprises with Titan’s lakes

On its final flyby of Saturn's largest moon in 2017, NASA's Cassini spacecraft gathered radar data revealing that the small liquid lakes in Titan's...

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft spotted fresh rainfall on Saturn’s moon Titan

The international Cassini spacecraft has captured an image that shows the rainfall on the north pole of Titan, the largest of Saturn's moons. Scientists noted...

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