Combining drugs for better prostate cancer treatment?

AFT-19 trial: Investigating androgen blockade intensification in prostate cancer.

Testosterone’s role in anxiety unveiled

Hippocampal TACR3, testosterone, and anxiety synapses.

Advancements in aggressive prostate cancer therapy

Enzalutamide improves recurrent prostate cancer prognosis.

New tusk-analysis techniques reveal increased testosterone in male woolly mammoths

Testosterone levels are found in mammoth and elephant tusks.

Having a male twin is bad for girls, study

Having a twin brother is bad for girls as it damages their education, job prospects and also their happy family life, suggests a new...

Menstruation Cycle Doesn’t Change How Your Brain Works- Period

Most of the time, it is considered that anyone who's menstruating isn't working at the top mental pitch. But now, scientists have found evidence to suggest...

This Is Why Men Run Faster Than Women

Both men and women enjoy running whether it is in the marathon or a common race. No matter, where it is, they would like...

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