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Stable Open Shell Molecule

Chemists build a New, Stable Open Shell Molecule

We all know carbon-based molecules have unique bonding properties. Carbon makes covalent bonds with more than four other atoms, including other carbon atoms. Carbon-based...
Bionic Leaf

Bionic Leaf that Converts Sunlight into Liquid Fuel

Generally, Photosynthesis process is used to convert solar energy into chemical energy. It is the process used by the plants and other organisms to...
Engineers discover a new gatekeeper for light

Engineers discover a new gatekeeper for light

A gatekeeper is an entity that controls access to something. Gatekeeper plays various roles in different sectors such as academic admissions, financial advising, news...
multiphoton microscope

New multiphoton Microscope and endoscope could speed up disease diagnosis

Multiphoton microscope/two-photon excitation microscopy is a radiance imaging method. It permits imaging of living tissue up to about one millimeter in depth. Multiphoton Microscopy...
Magnetic Charge ice

Scientists create Rewritable Magnetic Charge ice

A scientist from U. S Department of Energy's (DOC) Argonne National Laboratory, Northern Illinois University, Zhill Xiao (Argonne materials Scientist) has demonstrated a new...
Livia – The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain

Livia – The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain

Many women experience the pain during their menstrual cramps. Periods are the most basic part of women's life. Many of the women and doctors...
Microsoft's New Holoportation Technologyvideo

Microsoft’s New Holoportation Technology

Microsoft's research circle have developed a new type of 3D video capture system. This 3D video capture system is known as "holoportation". It allows...
5D Superman Memory Crystal

5D Superman Memory Crystal: Stores data for next 13 billion years

All new kind of storage for digital data can conserve the heritage of your documents for next 13 billion years. 5D Superman Memory Crystal...