Thursday, March 30, 2023

T cells

T cells’ role in Alzheimer’s suggests a new treatment strategy

Drug development possibilities for brain diseases linked to tau protein.

Why lung cancer doesn’t respond well to immunotherapy?

The findings could help lead to the development of new ways to rev up the immune response to lung tumors.

Rogue immune cells are a major contributor to autoimmune conditions

Rogue immune cells linked to leukaemia are a key driver of autoimmune diseases.

New protein to boost immunotherapy

A protein that can improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy drugs.

Why are infants less affected by COVID than adults

Infant Immune Systems are stronger than you think

Scientists studied the relation between obesity and cancer

A metabolic tug-of-war.

Destroying tumor cells using the mechanical force of T-cells

New cancer-fighting method leverages the mechanical force of T cells.

Scientists uncover SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell immunity in recovered COVID-19 and SARS patients

Singapore scientists uncover SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell immunity in recovered COVID-19 and SARS patients, and in uninfected individuals.

Liver failure caused by attack on blood vessel cells

A disease of the liver with viral hepatitis, for example, the hepatitis B virus can advance in very different ways: the liver inflammation (hepatitis)...

Study reveals the nature of immune cells in the human brain

The immune system ensures the body against contamination and cancer. The supposed T cells assume a key job amid this method. When T cells...

Fetal T cells are first responders to infection in adults

According to a new study by the Cornell scientists, there is a division of work among resistant cells that battle attacking pathogens in the body....

Effective genetic modification of immune cells

Another technique empowers qualities in living T-cells in mice to be adjusted rapidly and effectively. It makes use of plasmids, an attempted and tried...

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