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MIT Media Lab spinout Amino Labs develops mini-lab kits with all the necessary tools and materials for anyone to start engineering microbes. Pictured here is a group of architects and designers at an Amino Labs workshop during the 2016 Biofabricate Conference, held at the Parsons New School of Design in New York City.

Technology to democratize synthetic biology

Synthetic biology — infusing organisms with various DNA projects to influence them to perform new capacities. Research has yielded, for example, infections that assault...
A Wyss Institute team devised a CRISPR/Cas9-based mutation-prevention system that is capable of discriminating a single nucleotide variation (indicated here in green) in the DNA code (in blue) to readily remove newly occurring disease-associated mutations. Credit: iStock/Meletios Verras

Scientists are one step closer to diagnose genetic mutations

Many hazardous diseases are caused or exacerbated by a difference in only one nucleotide building block in the all-inclusive hereditary DNA code. Such "point...
Timothy Lu's early interest in computer programming was inspired by his father, who worked as an electrical engineer at IBM

Combating disease by reprogramming biological systems

Timothy Lu, a programmer is keen toward programming biological systems. He has devoted his career to coming up with novel ways to engineer cells,...
3-D Printing a Living Tattoo

3-D Printing a Living Tattoo

Using 3D printing, various scientists have already explored a variety of responsive materials. One of its example includes an ink made from temperature-sensitive polymers to...
'Green' Electronic Materials Produced with Synthetic Biology

‘Green’ Electronic Materials Produced with Synthetic Biology

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts have developed a new strain of bacteria. These bacteria draw out extremely thin and highly conductive wires. These...