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Illustration. Uranium compounds. Credit: Lion_on_helium/MIPT

Scientists discovered new properties of uranium compounds including superconductivity

A team of scientists at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) recently have confirmed the existence of strange new uranium compounds, and they...
By applying superconducting electrodes, made of niobium, to a thin crystal flake of bismuth doped with antimony, a superconducting current flows through the material at a temperature of 10 milli Kelvin. In a superconductor, paired electrons, so-called Cooper pairs, are responsible for conduction. This is not the mechanism inside the bismuth: here, Majorana particles are responsible.

Superconductivity where you don’t expect it

The special properties of 'topological materials' typically occur at their surface. These materials, for instance, insulators that do lead current at their surface, are...
A visitor touches a superconducting magnet at the Elemento Science Museum in Minsk on September 19, 2015. The superconducting element is cooled by liquid nitrogen, resulting in the magnet levitating in the strong magnetic field produced

Scientist claimed to obtain superconductivity at ambient temperature

A material is said to show superconductivity when it can convey electric current with essentially zero obstruction. So not at all like the ordinarily...
European Team Announces Superconducting Tape for WindTurbines

European Team Announces Superconducting Tape for WindTurbines

European scientists have developed a cheaper and more efficient superconducting tape. This superconducting tape has the ability to channel electricity with zero resistance and...
Superconductivity In A Non-Superconductive Material

Superconductivity In A Non-Superconductive Material

From decades various scientists are trying to figure out a better way to boost superconductivity temperatures. They think "it will be the best way...