Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Scientists discovered “secret sauce” behind exotic properties of new quantum material

Work will aid the design of other unusual quantum materials with many potential applications.

A pressure quench process to enhance superconductivity

Working to revolutionize the way we live.

Material reveals some intriguing clues about superconductivity

A material reveals clues about superconductivity.

New discovery about electron behavior could lead to a superpowered world

Potential step toward new superconductors.

Two superconductors in one material

Work introduces a new way to plumb the secrets of superconductivity.

A rare type of superconductivity observed in magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene

New findings might help inform the design of more powerful MRI machines or robust quantum computers.

The secrets of world’s thinnest superconductor uncovered

The work could transform the fields of medical diagnostics, quantum computing, and energy transport.

The world’s first room-temperature superconductor

First room-temperature superconductor excites — and baffles — scientists.

New evidence for quantum fluctuations near a quantum critical point in a superconductor

Pinning down where this particular quantum critical point might be.

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