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Human centrioles labelled with antibodies against two proteins (Cep152, HsSAS-6) and imaged using super-resolution microscopy. From many individual particles showing projections of the centriole complex in various orientations (upper panel), by using a fused intermediate (yellow, lower panel), the newly developed method allows now to reconstruct a multicolor 3D model (lower panel) (credit: Christian Sieben/EPFL).

Super-resolution microscopy builds multicolor 3D from 2D

Purdue University, Super-resolution microscopy is a technique that can "see" beyond the diffraction limit of light. The system has accumulated expanding interest as of...
Professor W. E. Moerner, left, and postdoctoral scholar Anna-Karin Gustavsson position a sample on the new TILT3D microscope

Scientists observed nanoscale details inside mammalian cells

Standford scientists have recently won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their innovation of imaging shapes inside cells at very high resolution, called super-resolution...