Friday, March 31, 2023

Sun's atmosphere

A piece of the Sun’s northern pole broke off

The Sun is breaking apart!

The largest turbulence simulation reveals the energy flow in astrophysical plasmas

Breakthrough in identifying the puzzling cause.

Solar snake spotted slithering across Sun’s surface

An intriguing new addition to the zoo of features.

ESA’s solar orbiter speeds towards its next rendezvous with the Sun

The sequence begins on 20 September and finishes on 10 October.

A sunspot exploded and generated a solar tsunami

NASA's SOHO also created an extreme ultraviolet movie showing a solar tsunami.

Magnetic waves explain the mystery of the Sun’s corona

This discovery generated what is one of the long-standing open questions in astrophysics.

A new view of small sun structures

New insight into the solar structures that create the Sun’s flow of high-speed solar wind.

The secret of working sunquakes might be hidden beneath the solar surface

Secrets behind sunquakes could lurk beneath the Sun's corona.

Scientists predicted the arrival of a large sunspot

It was inconspicuous at first but grew quickly, breaking detection thresholds just one day later.

Take a look at astonishing images of the intricate structure of the sun

Unprecedented images of the fine-structure of the Sun.

ESA/NASA’s Solar Orbiter snaps closest picture of the Sun

No other images of the Sun have been taken from such a close distance.

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