Nope! The sweeteners do not increase your appetite

Do sweeteners increase your appetite?

How insects tell sugars apart?

The sweet stuff.

Atrial fibrillation risk associated with sweetened beverages

Sweetened beverages, genetic factors, and atrial fibrillation

Poor quality deep sleep due to junk food

Research shows junk food affects sleep patterns.

Unlocking aging secrets within leaves

Golgi integrity, COG, and the onset of dark-induced senescence.

Nerve stimulation boosts pancreas regeneration of insulin cells

Vagal nerve optogenetics boosts glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and β cell growth.

Blood test predicts heart and kidney risk in type 2 Diabetes

Exploring cardiorenal biomarkers and canagliflozin in the CREDENCE trial.

New inhalation drug shows promise in preventing pneumonia

A New inhaled drug targets macrophages to treat acute lung damage.

Gluten may cause brain damage, a new study suggests

Gluten induces brain inflammation in mice.

Breast milk sugar boosts brain development

Breast milk nutrient enhances neuronal connectivity.

Incurable vascular diseases: New hope for treatment

Acetate regulates the endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition.

Time-restricted eating: A new way to prevent diabetes and obesity?

Circadian eating: a new way to prevent type 2 diabetes?

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