Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Searching non-Earth like environment for extraterrestrial life

As we know, the emergence of life requires three building blocks: an energy source, access to nutrition, and the presence of liquid water. Apart from...

Strange star survived the thermonuclear supernova

It actually became even brighter after a supernova.

ESA’s Gaia releases a new treasure trove of data about the Milky Way

Exploring our multi-dimensional Milky Way.

116,000 new variable stars identified

A new technique locates stellar objects that change brightness.

Gold standard star found in Milky Way

It will help understand one of the major ways by which heavy elements in the universe were created.

Understanding the process of how massive stars live and die

Supernova reveals secrets to a Texas-led team of astronomers.

Giant stars undergo dramatic weight loss program

Only around 40 of these stars exist amid a sea of thousands in the Milky Way.

Hubble snaps a serpentine spiral galaxy

Like our own galaxy, NGC 5921 contains a prominent bar.

New benchmark: The most distant individual star ever seen

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has established an extraordinary new benchmark: detecting the light of a star that existed within the first billion years...

Scientists witnessed the star’s mysterious death emitting six rings

The star is undergoing rapid evolution as it ends its life in a blaze of glory.

A part of the Milky Way is much older than expected

It formed around 2 billion years earlier than expected.

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