Solar wind

First physics-based method for predicting large solar flares

A new direction for flare prediction research.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe captured a unique view of comet NEOWISE

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe spies newly-discovered comet NEOWISE.

Astronomers measured the shape of the magnetic field of the solar corona

The Sun's corona is the outermost part of the Sun's atmosphere. And he stream of energized, charged particles, primarily electrons, and protons, flowing outward...

Scientists found one more secret about Uranus

Voyager 2 is a space probe launched by NASA on August 20, 1977, to study the outer planets within the Solar System. One of...

New physics of massive solar ejections

Scientists reported abundance data for hydrogen in four solar wind regimes collected by the Genesis mission (bulk solar wind, inter stream low‐energy wind, coronal hole high‐energy wind, and coronal mass ejections).

ESA’s Solar Orbiter launched successfully

Solar Orbiter will address big questions in Solar System science to help us understand how our star creates and controls the giant bubble of plasma that surrounds the whole Solar System and influences the planets within it. It is an ESA mission with strong NASA participation.

Mystery solved: How hazardous space radiation begins?

The study highlights a new phase of the energization process that is critical for the formation of radiation hazards.

Sound of the solar wind from NASA’s Parker Solar Probe

First whispers of the solar wind’s birth.

New source of magnetic storms discovered near Earth

Researchers discover a new source of space weather – too close to home.

How the solar wind evolves with increasing distance from the Sun?

SwRI-built instrument confirms solar wind slows farther away from the Sun.

Physicists recreate mini sun to study solar winds and plasma burps

With their mini-sun in place, the researchers can take measurements at many points inside the ball, allowing them to study solar phenomena in three dimensions.

NASA selects two missions to study sun, its effects on space weather

NASA recently selected two new missions to study our sun and its dynamic effects on the space weather. One mission will study the sun's...

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