Solar wind

Scientists discovered web-like plasma structures in the Sun’s middle corona

The findings could lead to a better understanding of the solar wind’s origins.

Unlocking one of the Sun’s most persevering secrets

Catching the dynamic Coronal Web.

A method to study mini-magnetospheres

A unique environment to study kinetic-scale, collisionless plasma physics in the laboratory.

First definitive measurements of the sun’s electric field

Physicists describe the sun's electric field.

Black holes may generate tsunami-like structures on much bigger scales

These waves can steepen into spiraling vortex structures that can reach a height of 10 light-years above the disk.

The boundary of the heliosphere has been mapped for the first time

Understanding how solar and interstellar winds interact.

Which way does the solar wind blow?

Using supercomputers, researchers develop new software for improved space weather prediction.

Why solar wind does not cool down as fast as expected?

Simulating the solar wind.

A new view of small sun structures

New insight into the solar structures that create the Sun’s flow of high-speed solar wind.

The study offers clues on what makes the sun’s atmosphere so hot

Scientists get the lowdown on sun’s super-hot atmosphere.

The global magnetic field of the solar corona measured for the first time

Marking a leap towards solving the problem of coronal magnetic field measurements.

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