Thursday, May 19, 2022


Solar power is better than Nuclear power for Martian settlements

A new perspective on Mars colonization

Flexible, transparent solar skin turns any hard surface into a solar cell

Current solar technologies use rigid and expensive materials. Now, Queensland University engineers have developed a flexible, inexpensive, and thin solar film that is extremely...

Solar-electric aircraft designed for long-duration flights made a maiden flight

The drone has the potential to stay airborne for a year.

New solar-powered desalination system with a record efficiency of 385%

Such a system could potentially enable an efficient and low-cost water source for off-grid coastal areas.

Assessing Switzerland’s solar power potential

What if half of Switzerland's rooftops produced electricity?

Utilizing solar energy to bring clean drinking water to remote areas

Utilizing solar energy and nanoparticles to make saltwater drinkable, scientists from Yale and Rice University have built up a framework that could conceivably be...

Engineers are Building the World’s Largest Single-Tower Solar Thermal Plant

The government of South Australia has recently announced that building the world's largest single-tower solar thermal plant. They revealed that a California-based solar tech company,...

Step Cell: New Solar Cell Is More Effective and Cost Efficient

Solar cell plays an essential role in boosting solar power generation. But, still, scientists face limitations in scaling up this technology. For example, cost...

Scientists develop solar cells that can power smartwatches, contact lens

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US have developed high-performance, lateral solar cell.  This solar cell has the potential to power personal...

Game-Changing Solar Cell Captures Carbon Dioxide and Sunlight, Produces Burnable Fuel

We all know solar cell is an essential part of science that produces usable energy from sunlight. Additionally, scientists also learning how to harness...

New Plastic Material Automatically Oscillates in Sunlight

In our recent article 'Fluorescent Polymer Gels to Detect Structural Failure in Energy-Related Equipment', we came to know about a gel that contains polymer...

STPV: New solar cell converts sun’s heat into usable energy

A solar cell or photovoltaic cell is an electrical device that transforms the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. Nature...

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