Solar Flare

The Sun emitted X-class solar flare: a strong solar flare

SDO captured an image of the event.

New research uncovers significant number of slow-building solar flares

New research by a team led by UC San Diego astrophysics graduate student Aravind Bharathi Valluvan has discovered a significant number of slow-building solar...

Sun emits most powerful solar flare since 2017

Strongest flare of the current solar cycle.

Scientists have uncovered the physics behind stars’ superflares

Producing similar late-phase brightness.

For the first time, a solar eruption detected simultaneously on Earth, the Moon, and Mars

Emphasizing the need to prepare human exploration missions for the dangers of space radiation.

Sun releases strong X1.0 flare

The SDO captured an image of the event.

First close-ups of a source of energetic particles expelled from the Sun

Close-up views of energetic particle jets ejected from the Sun.

Lab-grown solar flares offer clues on mechanism behind bursts of high-energy particles

Simulating solar flares on a scale the size of a banana.

Researchers look at Coronal Mass Ejection Quasiperiodic variations

Scientists used the angular width of CMEs as a criterion for classifying the CMEs in the study.

Scientists reproduced a gravity field- 1,000 times stronger than Earth’s gravity

The study overcomes the effects of Earth’s gravity, replicating conditions on other planets, stars.

NASA’s SDO captured a strong solar flare erupting from Sun

Sunspot AR3182 is living up to the hype.

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