Sunday, December 4, 2022

Soft robots

Robots learn to handle thin cables with unprecedented dexterity

It enables robots to help us with things like tying knots, wire shaping, or even surgical suturing.

Scientists developed the fastest soft robot

By getting inspired by the biomechanics of cheetahs, scientists at North Carolina State University have developed the fastest ever soft robot that can move...

A new way to sensorize soft robots and wearables

Many soft robotic systems require integrated sensors that can extend and accommodate along surface contours. Over the last decade, composite materials made using polymer,...

Octopus-inspired Tentacle Bot can handle a wide range of objects

We, human beings, are able to grab objects with our hand thanks to the thumb that serves as a clamp. It brings precision and...

A soft robot muscle that can regulate its temperature through sweating

Scientists took inspiration from the natural cooling system that exists in mammals: sweating.

RoboBee can crash, fly, and collide without being damaged

It is the first microrobot powered by soft actuators to achieve controlled flight.

A soft ring oscillator allows soft robots to roll, undulate, sort, and swallow

Soft robots can’t always compete with the hard. But every year, soft robots gain new ability - they can simplify certain mechanical tasks, such...

New 3-D printing technique embeds sensing capabilities within robotic actuators

Harvard scientists have developed soft robots by taking inspiration from nature. The robot can crawl, swim, grasp delicate objects and even help a pulsating heart,...

Synthetic Muscles to Superpower Soft Robots

Soft robotics has made a wide margin in the course of the most recent decade. Various scientists across the globe are experimenting with different materials...

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