Friday, June 9, 2023

Soft robotics

Novel soft humanoid hand creates safer human-robotics interactions

The robotic hand has the merits of fast response, large grasping force, low cost, and light weight.

New metallic material for flexible soft robots

The new material is half as light as paper, which also makes it more power efficient.

RoboBee can crash, fly, and collide without being damaged

It is the first microrobot powered by soft actuators to achieve controlled flight.

Paper-folding art inspires better bandages

Adhesives like these bandages are very commonly used in our daily life, but when you try to attach them to places that encounter large,...

A Flexible Faster Swimming Manta-Ray Soft-Bodied Robot

Due to stimuli-responsive materials, soft robots have decent qualities over conventional rigid robots. They have high adaptability for field exploration and seamless interaction with...

Self-Healing Polymer May Lead to Self-Healing Smartphones

Researchers at American chemical society have recently developed a self-healing polymer material to aid electronics and soft robotics. This newly developed stretchable and transparent...

Researchers Control Soft Robots Using Magnetic Fields

Conventional robotic grippers struggle to handle items that are delicate and of varying size, shape, and weight. So, scientists had built soft robotic grippers...

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