Friday, March 31, 2023

Smart Gadget

Squid skin-inspired liquid windows help buildings save on energy costs

The multi-layered system could help buildings react to changing environments.

Amazon Dash Cart, a smart shopping cart that eliminates the checkout line

With Dash Cart, you can skip the checkout line and roll out when you're done.

Stanford’s smart toilet analyzes urine and feces for signs of disease

Human urine and feces contain a lot of information about human health and wellbeing, and therefore scientists and engineers are developing new technologies that...

Inexpensive smart diaper alerts parents when it’s time to change it

It wirelessly sends a notification to a caregiver that it’s time for a change.

This smart ring enables precise, fine-grained tracking of user’s finger

With continuous tracking, AuraRing can pick up handwriting - potentially for short responses to text messages.

Samsung Ballie, a rolling robot helps with household chores

A small, rolling robot that understands you, supports you, and reacts to your needs.

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