Using radio waves to remotely monitor nuclear weapons stockpiles

Researchers proposed a new method for monitoring nuclear disarmament treaties.

A new way to look at data privacy

A privacy technique that protects sensitive data while maintaining a machine-learning model’s performance.

Evaluating cybersecurity methods

The system analyzes the likelihood that an attacker could thwart a certain security scheme.

New software security tool to detect bugs in OS

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) connects external devices to a host. This interface exposes the OS kernels and device drivers to attacks by malicious...

Indian Student Develops Tool to Thwart Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses

An Indian student with his team at the Security Research Institute in Perth, Australia, that worked on the project to develop the tool. Termed as...

Atomic Fingerprinting Tech Could End Counterfeit Goods

Scientists from the Lancaster University in the United Kingdom have invented a simple technique for confirming the authenticity of an object. Professor Robert Young...

Google’s Project Wycheproof: A Set Of Security Tests

In cryptography, some mistakes can have fatal responses and mistakes in open source cryptographic software libraries. Such mistakes repeats too often and remain unfound for...

Hack Proof RFID Chip to Improve Security of Credit Cards

Scientists from MIT and Texas Instruments have developed a new type of RFID chip i.e. Radio Frequency Identification chip, which helps to improve the security...

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