Organic compounds in asteroids formed in cold areas of space

The findings open new possibilities for studying life beyond Earth.

Understanding terrestrial weathering effects on meteorites with Ryugu samples

The Ryugu samples avoided terrestrial alteration.

Ryugu asteroid could help us learn about how the solar system formed

Understanding the chemical composition of our solar system as it existed in its infancy.

Ryugu asteroid samples continue to reveal solar system history

These primitive samples from Ryugu represent the best estimate of the solar composition to date.

Analysis of particles of the asteroid Ryugu delivers surprising results

Scientists discovered areas with a massive accumulation of rare earth and unexpected structures.

Small fragments of carbon-containing asteroids are too fragile to survive atmospheric entry

C-type asteroids are among the most pristine objects in the Solar System, but little is known about their interior structure and surface properties. Telescopic...

Hayabusa2 probe successfully collects first samples from Ryugu asteroid

Hayabusa-2 blasted a hole in the asteroid in April in order to collect samples from subsurface rock that's been sheltered from the wear and tear of space.

A Japanese spacecraft landed on an asteroid Ryugu and fired a bullet into it

A Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa2 has successfully landed on a distant space rock Ryugu for sample retrieval. The refrigerator-sized Hayabusa 2 craft settled on asteroid Ryugu...

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