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Jupiter’s Moon Io has wonderful dunes, created by lava flows

A new explanation of how dunes can form even on a surface as icy and roiling as Io’s.

Locating immature cells in the central nervous system

New findings by show activities of specialized brain cells differ based on their location.

Scientists discovered proteins that could responsible for the origins of life

A new study sheds light on the origins of life on earth.

Early humans were saved from the worst effects of volcanic supereruption- Toba volcano

Resolving this debate is important for understanding environmental changes during a key interval in human evolution.

Scientists resolved a controversial but key climate change mystery

Revised Holocene temperature record affirms the role of greenhouse gases in recent millennia.

Exposure to metals may disrupt a woman’s hormones during pregnancy

Metals and metalloids may alter prenatal hormone concentrations during pregnancy.

Warm, moist rivers of air help create massive holes in Antarctic sea ice

Warm, moist rivers of air may have continent-wide effects and influence climate change.

This tiny device that can rapidly detect harmful bacteria in the blood

Drug-resistant bacteria, or superbugs, are a significant public health concern. Globally, at least 700,000 individuals kick the bucket every year because of drug-resistant infections,...

Poor physical health acts as a barrier for job seekers

Physical health conditions are pervasive among individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) living in the community. And many individuals with SMI are unemployed despite...

A tool to monitor influenza A virus mutations in real-time

The gold-based tool could help virologists stop the replication of viruses.

Black teenagers experience daily racial discrimination, suffer depressive symptoms

Black teenagers experience daily racial discrimination, most frequently online, which can lead to negative mental health effects, according to a Rutgers researcher.

Nuclear winter would threaten nearly everyone on Earth

The second study of its kind confirms extreme impacts from the U.S. vs. Russia nuclear war.

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