Friday, August 12, 2022

Royal Astronomical Society

A strange new type of star covered in the by-product of helium burning

It is possible that the stars might have been formed by a rare stellar merger event.

Largest and most accurate virtual representation of the universe to date

SIBELIUS-DARK: a largest and most comprehensive ‘constrained realization’ simulation to date.

Middle-aged stars can experience their own kind of midlife crisis, study

Magnetic fields implicated in the mysterious midlife crisis of stars.

Astronomers found dark-matter free galaxies

Even after 40 hours of observations, the evidence for a dark matter-free galaxy only became stronger.

Supermassive black holes put a brake on star formation

A 20-year long debate has been resolved.

A curiously yellow pre-supernova sheds light on stars’ violent death throes

This scenario has not been seen before.

Dark matter could have formed supermassive black holes, study

The result has key implications for cosmology in the early Universe.

A new way to ‘see’ the elusive dark matter haloes

Seeing dark matter in a new light.

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