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An illustration depicting the minimum (interglacial, black) and maximum (glacial, grey) glaciation of the northern hemisphere during the ice age that began about 3.2 million years ago. (Image courtesy of Hannes Grobe/AWI/Wikimedia Commons)

True polar wander may be the reason of ice age

Earth's most recent ice age may have been caused by changes somewhere inside the planet. In light of proof from the Pacific Ocean, including...
Haotian Wang, who will join the Rice faculty later this year, is the lead author of a study to transform carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide and other industrial fuels. Photo by Jon Chase/Harvard Staff Photographer

New catalyst turns pollutant into fuel

Haotian Wang, Assistant professor at Rice University has an efficient plan to convert the greenhouse gas into useful products in a greenway. Along with his...
An illustration shows rubidium atom qubits isolated by scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and proposed for use in quantum computers. A team led by Rice University computer scientist Anastasios Kyrillidis has proposed a scalable algorithm to significantly accelerate the task of validating the accuracy of quantum computers.

Quantum bugs, meet your new swatter

A Rice University scientist along with his colleagues have developed a new method to quicken and rearrange the monumental assignment of diagnosing quantum computers.  This...
ShareBackup: New circuit-switching tech to help data centers recover from failures

ShareBackup: New circuit-switching tech to help data centers recover from failures

Rice computer scientist Eugene Ng and his colleagues have introduced a new tool dubbed ShareBackup that will allow shared backup switches in data centers...
Muslim and Protestant scientists most likely to experience, perceive religious discrimination, study

Muslim and Protestant scientists most likely to experience, perceive religious discrimination, study

Caste discrimination affects an estimated 260 million people worldwide. It involves massive violations of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. According to a...
A scanning electron microscope image shows spherical particles in type C fly ash used by Rice University engineers to make cementless binder for concrete. Courtesy of the Multiscale Materials Laboratory

Cementless fly ash binder makes concrete ‘green’

Using fly ash, a byproduct of coal-fired power plants, Rice University scientists have developed a cementless and environmentally friendly composite binder. In excess of 20 billion tons...
Scientists led by Los Alamos National Laboratory and Rice University have created a general scaling law to help tune the electronic properties of 2D perovskite-based materials for optoelectronic devices. (Credit: Jean-Christophe Blancon/Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Scientists go deep to quantify perovskite properties

Led by Rice University and Los Alamos National Laboratory, a recent study offers new insights on electronic properties in quantum-scale devices that are likely to impact...
Förster resonance energy transfer can measure the distance between two probes during the dynamic movement of a protein. The Observable-driven Design of Effective Molecular Models method developed by scientists at Rice University can adjust a protein model to improve the agreement between experimental data and simulated results. (Credit: Illustration by Clementi Research Group/Rice University)

Simpler model gets to the point with proteins

Rice University have recently developed Observable-driven Design of Effective Molecular Models (ODEM), that can more accurately regenerate experimental results with simple coarse-grained models used to simulate...
Team Cherrypick (Photo by Jeff Fitlow)

New software to quickly automates sports analytics

Students at the Rice University have designed a First-of-its-kind software called Cherrypick that provides automated sports analytics in an hour. It is the first...