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Rice University scientists built computer models of intermediate reactions to understand why salt lowers reaction temperatures in the synthesis of two-dimensional compounds. Above left, molybdenum oxychloride precursor molecules undergo sulfurization in which sulfur atoms replace oxygen atoms. That sets up the material to form new compounds. At right, the calculations show the charge densities of the new molecules. Courtesy of the Yakobson Group

Salt optimizes creation of 2-D materials

Rice University scientists used a dash of salt to simplify the creation of two-dimensional materials that combined transition metals and chalcogens.Scientists believe that the discovery...
A simplified schematic shows the basic idea behind a Rice University experiment to detect a Bloch-Siegert shift in strongly coupled light and matter. In this illustration, a light field rotating in the opposite direction to an orbiting electron still interacts with the electron in a cavity, in this case the empty space between two mirrors. The influence of resonance on the counter-rotating element defines the shift. Illustration by Xinwei Li

Quantum shift shows itself in coupled light and matter

Scientists at the Rice University utilized a remarkable mix of methods to see a condensed matter phenomenon about which others have just theorized. The...
Pregnant woman having contractions in labour pain

New uterine contraction monitor that will help moms in labor

Students at the Rice University are developing an efficient and inexpensive uterine contraction monitor to help save the lives of mothers during labor. A group of...
An artist’s impression of Ross 128 b, a temperate, rocky planet about 11 light-years from Earth that could have the necessary conditions for maintaining liquid surface water. (Photo courtesy of European Southern Observatory/M. Kornmesser)

Life beyond Earth: No plate tectonics, no problem

Researchers searching for life on removed planets are making arrangements to look non-Earth-like planets in view of disclosures inside our close planetary system that...
mutiple choice SAT

Parent satisfaction can be leveraged for SAT gains, study

SAT scores are a key metric used to evaluate understudy and school achievement. Universities utilize SAT scores in their affirmations procedure since the scores...

Consumerism in healthcare increasing, study

According to a new study by the Rice University, increasing expenses and changing states of mind about accommodation and the capacity to customize life...
Scanning electron microscope images show graphene flakes before compression, at left, with individual flakes outlined, and well-connected graphene sheets after compression at right. Scale bar is 20 nanometers. Courtesy of the Ajayan Research Group

For graphite pellets, just add elbow grease

A new report offers insight on how artificially adjusted graphene powder can be squeezed into a lightweight, semi-porous strong that holds a large number of...
student, abroad plan

Living abroad leads to a clearer sense of self, study

A new study by the Rice University, Columbia University and the University of North Carolina that focuses on abroad living, suggests that it increases...
A one-torso, one-arm swimmer made of magnetically linked particles moves under the influence of an eccentric magnetic field. Rice University researchers believe it represents the simplest possible form of locomotion. Courtesy of the Biswal Lab

These microrobots can do the breaststroke

Rice University researchers have found what might be the least difficult type of motion in the movements of micron-scale particles connected and driven by...