Rice University

Egg-based coating extends the shelf life of perishable fruits and vegetables

Rice University scientists have created inexpensive coatings that can be used to protect fruits and vegetables. Plus, this eco-friendly, micron-thick coating solves...

Mapping blood flow below in the skin in high resolution

Blood flow measurement has widespread clinical applications. Therefore, scientists at Rice University have developed PulseCam — a new camera-based, motion-robust, and highly...

Capsule waverider: Spacecraft that survive fire, surfs its own wave

An aerospace engineer at Rice University has designed a spacecraft called 'capsule waverider' that can survive fire and does more than catching...

New phenomena for next-generation batteries

The process of developing better rechargeable batteries may be cloudy, but there’s an alumina lining.

Converting water pollution into valuable chemicals

Pollution from ammonia-based fertilizer reverts back to ammonia — with a side of rocket fuel.

Quantum-dot tattoos for accurate medical recordkeeping

Rice bioengineer reveals dissolving microneedles that also embed fluorescent medical info.

Shedding new light on Alzheimer’s cause

Rice scientists synthesize fluorescent ruthenium tags to track toxic amyloids in lab.

One-atom switch supercharges fluorescent dyes

Rice University lab discovers simple technique to make biocompatible ‘turn-on’ dyes.

Astronomers observed two dwarf planets with gas disk around them

Using Earth’s most powerful array of radio telescopes, astronomers have made the first observations of two dwarf planets with the gas disk around them.

A ‘watch’ called EpiWear features a built-in Epinephrine Shot

If you're someone who is prone to some harmful allergic reactions, then carrying an epinephrine shot such as an EpiPen could be life-preserving. But...