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The GPM core observatory satellite passed over Tropical Cyclone Fani on May 1, 2019 as it was strengthening and nearing landfall in northeastern India. This 3D image shows the powerful storms circling the center. Credit: NASA/JAXA/Jacob Ree

Satellite data revealed heavy rainfall in Tropical Cyclone Fani

Tropical Cyclone Fani, the strongest tropical cyclone to hit India in 20 years, made landfall on Friday, May 3. Fani, an equivalent of a...
extreme rainfall events and floods

Understanding link between extreme rainfall events and floods

It has been reported that extreme rainfall events are increasing over India and widespread floods have increased threefold over the last several decades from...
Maps depict the close correlation of crop production, rainfall and temperature in the U.S. Midwest in the last half of the 20th century. In this map, the number of bushels of corn produced are shown in shades of green.

Study discovered intensive agriculture influences regional summer climate

Recently made study at MIT and Dartmouth College uncovered the impact of an additional kind of land harnessing and exorbitant agriculture on regional climate....