Thursday, June 1, 2023

Queen Mary University of London

Study suggests the possible existence of ‘stupendously large black holes’

A recent study suggests the possible existence of ‘stupendously large black holes’ or SLABS, even larger than the supermassive black holes already observed in the centres of galaxies.

The upper limit for the speed of sound found

It is around twice as fast as the speed of sound in diamond.

How liquids take up heat?

A link between the microscopic movements of particles in a liquid and its ability to absorb heat.

It is very difficult to spot the difference between male and female dinosaurs

Gender selection is a major evolutionary driver of many biological traits in animals. It is essential for understanding the anatomy, behavior, and evolution of...

How runny a liquid can be?

Viscosity (η) is the resistance of a liquid to flow. Liquids get thicker when cooled and runnier when heated, but how runny can a...

This new theory can explain the random movement of particles in fluids

In real-life environments, fluids frequently contain particles that move themselves; for example, tiny swimming microorganisms. These self-moved swimmers can cause movement or stir in...

Scientists finally found the secret to achieving goals

While analyzing the complex association between reward and effort in achieving goals, scientists from the Queen Mary University of London, identified two crucial stages...

A new way to identify genes linked to heart failure

The study could open the way to earlier identification of people at risk of heart failure and to the development of new treatments.

Graphene is both 3D and 2D material, study

Realizing that it is a 3-D material is important for understanding its mechanical properties and for developing novel graphene-based devices.

New reptile species was one of largest ever flying animals

It is different to other azhdarchids and so it gets a name.

Super-Earth discovered orbiting nearby star

Astronomers have found a planet in a circle around one of the nearest stars to the Sun, Barnard's star. This Barnard's star is a 'super-Earth'...

New material could regenerate dental enamel

Scientists at the Queen Mary University of London have developed a new way to grow mineralized materials which could regenerate hard tissues such as dental enamel...

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