Milestone: Quantum simulation with circular Rydberg qubits

The significance of circular Rydberg atoms.

Quantum breakthrough: World’s purest silicon pave towards powerful quantum computers

New super-pure silicon chip opens path to powerful quantum computers.

How do surrounding atoms tune the energy of a single electron?

Quantum dance to the beat of a drum.

Scientists created the first programmable, logical quantum processor

Key step toward reliable, game-changing quantum computing.

Entangling individual molecules for the first time

A new platform for quantum science.

A significant milestone toward quantum computing

Breakthrough realized for retaining quantum information in a single-electron quantum bit.

A new qubit circuit enables the accuracy of quantum computing

The advance brings quantum error correction a step closer to reality.

Scientists used machine learning to perform quantum error correction

Minimizing the device overhead while maintaining good error correcting performance.

A new protocol to extend the life of quantum coherence by 20x

Canceling noise to improve quantum devices.

A quantum computing leap with a magnetic twist

The team’s discoveries mark a first and promising step in constructing a type of fault-tolerant qubit.

Adjusting the qubits in real time to minimize error

Noise-cancelling qubits can minimize errors in quantum computers.

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