Friday, October 7, 2022

Quantum technology

Physicists discovered a new magnetized state in a new quantum material

Scientists devise tunable conducting edge.

New quantum technology combines free electrons and photons

The findings of the study expand the toolbox of quantum technology.

A breakthrough in frequency up-conversion of single photons

A step forward in modern quantum technology.

Creating quantum materials in an easy way

This work could potentially create quantum devices such as orbital magnets and superconductors in the future.

Scientists documented a never-before-seen state of matter -quantum spin liquids

Scientists observed a state of matter predicted and hunted for 50 years but never previously observed.

Understanding biology using quantum technology

Scientists hope sensors using quantum tech could transform biology research.

Preventing ultracold molecules using microwaves

The loss rate has been reduced by a factor of six.

The new single-photon source can produce billions of these quantum particles per second

A record-breaking source for single photons.

The world’s first integrated quantum communication network established

Achieving quantum key distribution over a total distance of 4,600 kilometers for users across the country.

New quantum nanomachine that acts as a heat engine and a refrigerator at the same time

The device is one of the first to test how quantum effects, might one day be exploited to enhance the performance of nanotechnologies.

Predicting the quantum mechanical properties of large molecular systems

Record for quantum chemistry calculation.

Scientists designed and studied an unusual state of matter

A new candidate material for Quantum Spin Liquids.

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