Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Quantum Physics

Photon Storage in a Ground-State Vapor Cell Quantum Memory

Quantum network nodes with warm atoms

Scientists tested quantum electrodynamics more accurately than ever

The agreement of the results is an impressive confirmation of the standard model of physics.

Quantum electrodynamics proven to be 100 times more accurate than previous tests

Scientists succeeded in investigating QED predictions with unprecedented resolution.

Scientists created the first ”time-crystal” two-body system

Time crystals are “impossible” but obey quantum physics.

A new, unexpected phenomenon discovered in quantum physics of materials

New ways of powering “spintronic” and other technological devices of the future.

Most sensitive method ever for measuring the potential energy of an atom

Validating one of the most tested theories in physics.

Scientists discovered “secret sauce” behind exotic properties of new quantum material

Work will aid the design of other unusual quantum materials with many potential applications.

Previously unexpected properties discovered in a complex quantum material

These findings have implications for developing future quantum devices and applications.

How long does it take to emit an electron from an atom?

Einstein’s photoelectric effect: The time it takes for an electron to be released.

Supercooling coupled ions for more accurate atomic clocks

Journey towards even more accurate optical atomic clocks.

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