Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Quantum Physics

Researchers demonstrated how to control the quantum states of individual molecules

Controlling quantum states in individual molecules with two-dimensional ferroelectrics.

New quantum computing architecture will enable high-fidelity communication

Scientists have demonstrated directional photon emission, the first step toward extensible quantum interconnects.

Chemists created quantum dots at room temp using lab-designed protein

Scientists are making novel proteins that never arose in life, doing things that don’t exist in life.

Water that simply will not freeze, no matter how cold it gets

An exotic interplay of electrons.

A quantum experiment to observe wormhole dynamics

The research is a step toward studying quantum gravity in the lab.

Physicists demonstrated magnetic quantum fluid in ultracold atomic clouds

This works much like the cooling of coffee in a cup by blowing on it.

A new model in optical fibers advances quantum sensing

This significantly reduced the limitations of internal loss and phase noise.

Study uncovered the massive quantum mysteries of black holes

Uncovering the massive quantum mysteries of black holes.

A new method to observe vortices in dipolar quantum gases

Ultra-cold mini twisters.

Scientists created the first quasiparticle Bose-Einstein condensate

For decades, it was elusive whether they could undergo Bose-Einstein condensation like real particles.

How do interparticle interactions affect dynamical localization?

A different kind of chaos.

Scientists demonstrated a network of two entangled optical atomic clocks

This two-node network could be extended to additional nodes.

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