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Lindsay Leblanc led a research team that developed a new technique for building quantum memory, which uses fast pulses of light to store and retrieve data. The new technique is simpler and uses less power than other quantum storage methods. (Photo: John Ulan)

Physicists created new, simpler-than-ever quantum hard drive for light

Physicists at the University of Alberta have built up another approach to manufacture quantum memory that could help make ready for a cutting-edge quantum...
Schematic of coherent control of optical phonons Coherent optical phonons are coherently controlled by a pair of ultrashort optical pulses. |g> and |e> indicate the electronic ground and excited states and |0> and |1> indicate zero- and one-phonon state, respectively.

Control of quantum state of optical phonon in diamond induced by ultrashort light pulses

At the point when to a great degree short optical pulse enters a solid, the particles in its lattice begin vibrating. Such vibrations of...