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he researchers simulated the energy bonds of molecular hydrogen and lithium hydride. (Credit: IQOQI Innsbruck/Harald Ritsch)

Quantum computer simulation of chemical bonds

Quantum chemistry endeavors to comprehend the complicated bonds and reactions of molecules with the assistance of quantum mechanics. Numerous subtle elements of a chemical...
Tongcang Li and Jonghoon Ahn have levitated a nanoparticle in vacuum and driven it to rotate at high speed, which they hope will help them study the properties of vacuum and quantum mechanics. (Purdue University photo/Vincent Walter)

World’s fastest man-made spinning object created

Scientists at the Purdue, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and the Collaborative Innovation Center of Quantum Matter in Beijing come in collaboration and have developed...
An illustration of the 15-micrometre-wide drumheads prepared on silicon chips used in the experiment. Image: Aalto University / Petja Hyttinen; Olli Hanhirova, ARKH Architects.

New frontiers of quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics that is difficult to understand, usually considered as a hypothesis describing the world of the infinitesimally small particles. They are far removed from...
A device developed by NIST, seen here, converts laser light into pairs of “entangled” photons that researchers then measure to generate a string of truly random numbers. (Credit: Shalm/NIST)

New quantum method develops really random numbers

CU Boulder scientists in collaboration with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) a technique for creating numbers ensured to be arbitrary by quantum mechanics....
Building blocks to develop metamaterials

Building blocks to develop metamaterials

Specialists at Caltech and ETH Zürich in Switzerland have made a technique to efficiently plan metamaterials utilizing standards of quantum mechanics. Their work could make...
A New Kind of Quantum Computer

A New Kind of Quantum Computer

Usually, Quantum mechanics fuses some extremely non-instinctive properties of matter. For instance, due to its quantum superposition property, an atom can simultaneously present in two...
Breaking Newton's Law

Breaking Newton’s Law

A falling apple from a tree makes scientist Issac Newton establish a well-known gravity law. His theory describes the motion of objects subjected to the...