Quantum mechanics

Scientists visualized quantum effects in electron waves

Kapitza-Dirac effect used to show temporal evolution of electron waves.

Largest photon emission enhancement for single T center to date

Study shows promise for advancing quantum networks.

Decoding the complex dance of electrons in water

A major step in understanding a critical process of many chemical phenomena.

A new method calculates the mechanical properties of solids using machine learning

The new method also benefits from active learning on local atomic environments.

Solving mysteries of the universe after measuring gravity in the quantum world

A weak gravitational pull on a tiny particle using a new technique.

A new multiphoton effect found within quantum interference of light

Researchers disproved previously valid assumptions.

False vacuum decay: New research sheds light on the phenomenon

First experimental evidence of vacuum decay.

Pioneering experiment: Observ­ing macro­scopic quan­tum effects in the dark

Be fast, avoid light, and roll through a curvy ramp.

Physicists create giant trilobite molecules

They have the largest electric dipole moments.

Entangling individual molecules for the first time

A new platform for quantum science.

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