Monday, May 23, 2022

Quantum mechanics

Wormholes help shed light on the black hole information paradox

A mathematical analysis helps illuminate the puzzle over how information escapes from a black hole.

Harnessing electrons to make synthetic dimensions

Rice University lab manipulates ultracold Rydberg atoms to mimic quantum interactions.

Quantum marbles in a bowl of light

An international study shows which factors determine the speed limit for quantum computations.

Generating quantum states of sound inside a microscopic device

Towards quantum states of sound.

Unique quantum-mechanical interaction unveiled between electrons and topological defects

Quantum physics across dimensions: Unidirectional Kondo Scattering.

In the quantum realm, not even time flows as expected

The boundary between time moving forward and backward may blur in quantum mechanics.

New way to cool radio waves way down to their quantum ground state

A new way to counteract the noise of the jiggling atoms.

Scientists achieved triple qubit entanglement

Quantum entanglement of three spin qubits demonstrated in silicon.

Scientists captured a ‘quantum tug’ between neighboring water molecules

The work sheds light on the web of hydrogen bonds that gives water its strange properties.

Quantum information and quantum field theory: Study found a new connection between them

A mathematical ‘playground’ to study quantum information.

Aliens might be using stars to communicate with each other

Perhaps they are everywhere?

Scientists discovered new quantum material

This could lead to a design concept for new materials.

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