Quantum mechanics

Scientists use quantum devices to slow chemical reactions by a factor of 100 billion

What happens in nature in femtoseconds observed in milliseconds?

First evidence of ‘quantum superchemistry’ observed

Breakthrough could point way to fundamental insights, new technology.

A novel approach to control energy waves in 4D

A synthetic metamaterial to direct mechanical waves along a specific path.

The new QKD system can transmit secure keys at unprecedented speeds

High-speed integrated QKD system.

Distant quantum objects can be much more strongly correlated with each other

The first-​ever loophole-free Bell test with superconducting circuits.

Physicists tracked electron recollision in real-time

The classical description of electron motion is justified.

Scientists created the heaviest Schrödinger cat to date

Fat quantum cats.

Quan­tum liq­uid becomes solid when heated

The scientists obtained a first phase diagram for a supersolid at finite temperature.

Quantum ‘magic’ could explain how space and time emerged

Physicists relate the quantum property of ‘magic’ to the chaotic nature of black holes for the first time.

Physicists are learning more about the bizarre behavior of strange metals

The international team finds unusual electrical behavior in experiments.

A new technique to image and understand the origin of photocurrent flow in Weyl semimetals

Quantum sensors see Weyl photocurrents flow.

For the first time, quantum mechanical tunneling reaction observed in experiments

Quan­tum Chem­istry: Molecules caught tun­nel­ing.

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