Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Quantum entanglement

A new approach for processing quantum information

Scientists get around error problems by moving, and connecting atoms in mid-computation.

Scientists documented a never-before-seen state of matter -quantum spin liquids

Scientists observed a state of matter predicted and hunted for 50 years but never previously observed.

Scientists detected spooky quantum entanglement in solid materials

Scientists demonstrate how quantum entanglement can be witnessed in the quasi-1D Heisenberg antiferromagnet.

Scientists achieved triple qubit entanglement

Quantum entanglement of three spin qubits demonstrated in silicon.

Aliens might be using stars to communicate with each other

Perhaps they are everywhere?

First entanglement-based quantum network established

A team of researchers from QuTech in the Netherlands reports realization of the first multi-node quantum network, connecting three quantum processors.

Scientists sent entangled qubit states through a communication cable

The study could lay the groundwork for future quantum communication networks.

Physicists discovered the Hall effect in a nonmagnetic quantum material

The study opens a window into the landscape of extreme topological matter.

Entangling electrons with heat

Aalto researchers can now extract entangled electrons using heat.

Study sheds new light on the properties of quantum entanglement

Multiparty entanglement: When everything is connected.

A new kind of atomic clock possibly reveal new physics

The design, which uses entangled atoms, could help scientists detect dark matter and study gravity’s effect on time.

Using quantum properties of light to transmit information

Building a quantum network one node at a time.

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