Quantum entanglement

Physicists found a strange metal is strangely quiet in quantum noise experiment

Rice physicists find evidence of exotic charge transport in material.

A key ingredient found for many quantum computation and communication

A linear path to efficient quantum technologies.

Quantum entanglement wave detected for the first time

An artificial quantum magnet featuring a quasiparticle.

Physicists used a 350-year-old theorem to reveal new properties of light waves

Want to Know How Light Works? Try Asking a Mechanic.

Quantum entanglement of photons captured in real-time

Visualizing the mysterious dance.

A new quantum theory explains the “light-induced phase” of matter

The new theory has the potential to revolutionize the field of quantum photonics.

Quantum ‘magic’ could explain how space and time emerged

Physicists relate the quantum property of ‘magic’ to the chaotic nature of black holes for the first time.

There is no second law of entanglement after all, suggests a study

Entanglement is even richer than we have given it credit for.

A quantum experiment to observe wormhole dynamics

The research is a step toward studying quantum gravity in the lab.

A negative correlation is demonstrated between the two spins of an entangled pair of electrons

Physicists used spin filters made of nanomagnets and quantum dots.

A new model in optical fibers advances quantum sensing

This significantly reduced the limitations of internal loss and phase noise.

Scientists successfully combined two of the spookiest features of quantum mechanics

An Entangled Matter-wave Interferometer: Now with Double the Spookiness!

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