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Structure of the proposed material Crystalline structure of the proposed material. The green dots represent cesium atoms, and the blue bodies correspond to the [Cu2I5]3− units that are confined between them. The cesium atoms plus the [Cu2I5]3− units can be regarded as core-shell structures, which enhance the photoluminescent properties of the material.

A new non-toxic, cheap, and stable blue photoluminescent material

Detailed understanding of light could help us create various optical and electronic devices for various applications. Quantum dots (QDs), exceptionally custom fitted nanoparticles that discharge...
Rice graduate student Yifan Zhu holds a vial of photosensitive, semiconducting quantum dots. Photo by Jeff Fitlow

Quantum dots shows promise for polymers

Rice University researchers intend to utilize the energy of the sun to manufacture useful engineered polymers utilizing photosensitive quantum dots — minute semiconducting particles...