Quantum dot

A high-speed electrical readout method for graphene nanodevices

This technique enables high-speed measurements of bilayer graphene quantum dots.

Scientists used a LEGO robotics kit as a cheap, effective way to purify self-assembling DNA origami

The gradient was able to separate DNA origami dimers from DNA origami monomers.

The ‘breath’ between atoms is a key building block for quantum technology

Vibration between two layers of atoms can be used to engineer quantum technologies.

A new way of precisely controlling single electrons nestled in quantum dots

Discovery of previously unknown effects makes compact, ultra-fast control of spin qubits possible.

Scientists created rugged tracers for use in harsh environments

Tracking explosions with toughened-up tracers.

A negative correlation is demonstrated between the two spins of an entangled pair of electrons

Physicists used spin filters made of nanomagnets and quantum dots.

Scientists successfully controlled individual light quanta at very high speed

Nanoscale soundwave controls photons on a chip – milestone on the way towards hybrid quantum technologies.

Controlling the brightness and wavelength of quantum dots

Tip-induced strain engineering of single metal halide perovskite quantum dot.

New insights into the energy states of quantum dots

Scientists from Basel, Bochum, and Copenhagen have gained new insights into the energy states of quantum dots. Through their experiments, scientists have provided evidence...

Flexible, transparent solar skin turns any hard surface into a solar cell

Current solar technologies use rigid and expensive materials. Now, Queensland University engineers have developed a flexible, inexpensive, and thin solar film that is extremely...

Travelling towards a quantum internet at light speed

Quantum computers can potentially beat current systems with their completely different working. Instead of processing information in 0s and 1s, quantum computers encode information...

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