Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Quantum Computing

Scientists documented a never-before-seen state of matter -quantum spin liquids

Scientists observed a state of matter predicted and hunted for 50 years but never previously observed.

Researchers have created New Phase of matter- Time crystal

Time-crystals are a striking example of a new type of non-equilibrium quantum phase of matter.

On-chip frequency shifters for on-chip photonics

Shifting colors for on-chip photonics.

Two superconductors in one material

Work introduces a new way to plumb the secrets of superconductivity.

First-ever simulation of baryons performed on a quantum computer

Scientists take steps towards more complex quantum simulations.

A new strategy to detect anyons

Understanding whether the strange behavior of anyons can be harnessed for topological quantum computing.

Protecting qubits from errors using photons in a silicon chip

The photonic chip is key to nurturing quantum computers.

A new way to make single-crystal flake devices

The superconductor shows promise as a component for flexible electronics.

Scientists achieved triple qubit entanglement

Quantum entanglement of three spin qubits demonstrated in silicon.

New Bayesian quantum algorithm calculates the energy difference of an atom and molecule

A general quantum algorithm for the direct calculation of energy gaps.

New method to make laser beams visible in vacuum

The method developed simplifies ultra-precise adjustment for quantum optics experiments.

A peculiar state of matter in layers of semiconductors

Superlattice embedded with nanodots to prevent dissipating energy to the environment.

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