Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Quantum Computing

World-first experimental wormhole to help unravel the deepest mysteries of the universe

One of the first practical applications of the much-hyped but little-used quantum computing technology.

First demonstration of universal control of encoded spin qubits

First demonstration of universal control of encoded spin qubits.

There is no second law of entanglement after all, suggests a study

Entanglement is even richer than we have given it credit for.

A new way to control atomic nuclei as “qubits”

Using lasers, researchers can directly control a property of nuclei called spin.

Quantum bits can directly transfer between quantum computer microchips

Breakthrough in developing quantum computers that can solve big challenges of our time.

New techniques for accurate measurements of tiny objects

A way to achieve more accurate measurements of microscopic objects using quantum computers.

A new way of precisely controlling single electrons nestled in quantum dots

Discovery of previously unknown effects makes compact, ultra-fast control of spin qubits possible.

New quantum computing architecture will enable high-fidelity communication

Scientists have demonstrated directional photon emission, the first step toward extensible quantum interconnects.

An on-chip photon-counting device to advance quantum technology

The first realization of an on-chip photon-number-resolving (PNR) detector.

New artificial nanostructures for infrared absorption technologies

A new method to confine and absorb infrared (IR) light with GaN nanostructures.

Using quantum mechanics to see objects without looking at them

The new method bridges the quantum and classical worlds.

Scientists developed a scaled-up version of a probabilistic computer

A scaled-up spintronic probabilistic computer.

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