Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Quantum Computing

Extending excitons’ life

The findings show that excitons last long enough for a broad range of potential applications.

Error-free quan­tum com­put­ing gets real

Fundamental quantum operation realized.

A significant milestone in making quantum computing more effective achieved

Argonne scientists use quantum computers to simulate quantum materials.

A new approach for processing quantum information

Scientists get around error problems by moving, and connecting atoms in mid-computation.

An ancient Namibian gemstone could be the key to new light-based quantum computers

These results pave the way towards realizing strongly interacting exciton-polaritons.

Silicon qubits for quantum computing

In a race to build quantum computing hardware, silicon begins to shine.

Using quantum computing to see what’s inside a black hole

Understanding holographic duality.

New 2D material could store quantum information at room temperature

The material can emit single photons from atomic-scale defects in its structure at room temperature.

A new programming language for quantum computing

The language can describe and verify which pieces of data are entangled to prevent bugs in a quantum program.

Supercooling coupled ions for more accurate atomic clocks

Journey towards even more accurate optical atomic clocks.

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