Innovative methods to examine embryonic spinal cord defects

Measuring mechanical forces in vertebrate development.

Low-dose aspirin could prevent flu-related pregnancy complications

Aspirin in low doses prevents aortic endothelial issues and fetal loss in flu-infected pregnant mice.

Do newborns experience consciousness?

Detecting consciousness in newborns

The effects of exercising during pregnancy on offspring’s health

Maternal obesity in mice increases microRNA levels in the hypothalamus in offspring, leading to overeating.

A new approach to determining when babies become conscious

Types of clusters and consciousness development.

Premenstrual disorders are linked to perinatal depression

Researchers utilize data from Swedish nationwide registers of over 900,000 women.

More babies were born on weekdays than on weekends or holidays

The frequency of births increased, and the gap between deliveries on weekends/holidays and weekdays widened.

Pregnancy hastens biological aging in young adults

Pregnancy may carry a cost.

Obese women don’t need to put on extra kilos during pregnancy, study

The guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy in obese women have long been questioned.

Non-invasive wearable devices might be able to predict preterm birth

By monitoring changes in maternal heart rate variability.

Women’s reproductive events linked to diabetes, high cholesterol

Women's life stages and how they affect health later.

Ultrasound predicts preterm birth risk

Improved preterm birth risk prediction with quantitative ultrasound.

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